Top 10 Tips for Remote Therapy!

Rehabilitation in the wake of Covid-19 –Top 10 tips for Remote Therapy As we all embrace the challenges of "Lockdown 3" the SP Therapy Team are calm and coordinated. Our car boots are full of PPE and we have robust risk assessments in place to permit the seamless switch to remote therapy via video link. Whilst the Government guidelines are [...]

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Brain Injury Rehabilitation During COVID-19 – rethinking the unthinkable!

Brain Injury Rehabilitation During COVID-19 - rethinking the unthinkable!   As we end 2020, and are warmed by the news that a vaccine is being rolled out this week and scientists refer to “the beginning of the end” of this pandemic,  we reflect on 2020 and was it has meant from our perspective. For Susan Pattison, as Director of SP [...]

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Jane Raleigh REJOINS SP Therapy Services!

Jane Raleigh REJOINS SP Therapy Services We are delighted to announce that Jane Raleigh will be re-joining the SP Therapy Services Team on 17th November 2020. Jane will be working across the East Lancashire and West Yorkshire area. Jane gained a first class honours degree in Physiotherapy from University of Huddersfield in 2010 and has worked in [...]

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Abdi and Karen’s Lockdown Journey: Part 1

“Things got crazier and crazier….” Over the coming weeks we are going to share with you one of the many success stories we have seen at SP Therapy Services during the Covid-19 crisis. We decided to take a “virtual first” approach straight away and Karen Vercoe gradually began to plan some of the creative ways she could engage her clients [...]

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Karen and Abdi’s Lockdown Journey: Part 4

Abdi and Karen’s Lockdown Journey: Part 4 The 4th and final installment of Abdi and Karen’s Lockdown Journey is finally here! To read the rest of the journey visit the news section of our website. Abdi “We started using Zoom and things got a lot better. We could do some different things. We played Hangman which is now my favourite game, [...]

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Abdi and Karen’s Lockdown Journey: Part 3

“So it started to look like this was going to be a long haul!” The latest installment in “Abdi and Karen’s Lockdown Journey” Abdi “My teacher Tara sent me a timetable that helped me organise my day which was good to help me fill the day. It had lots of activities and exercises to do. I was still hoping [...]

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Abdi and Karen’s Lockdown Journey: Part 2

"I thought i was going to chill but no chance..." As promised, here is the second installment of Abdi and Karen's Lockdown Journey! Abdi: "I suddenly realised that I would really miss Wheelchair football and Boccia that I went to every week that I now couldn’t go to. I was about to go back for some more sessions on the [...]

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COVID19 Update by Susan Pattison

“There is only one way to survive and thrive when faced with circumstances out of our control and for which we are unprepared: ADAPT.” 3 weeks ago we looked at the Covid-19 situation and asked ourselves how can we ensure we don't contribute to the problem, but are part of the solution... We decided the worst thing we could do [...]

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Sports and Activities for ALL! Let’s be more active this Autumn.

We hear from our Children's Physiotherapist and Champion for Inclusive Play, Liz Cowan "Hands up who would describe themselves as physically active? My hand goes up a little, I mean I have a dog that I walk and I enjoy hill walking and occasionally running but I know that I do not do enough regular exercise to be in line [...]

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