A successful week for our OTs as they celebrate OT Week 2013!

You may have noticed last week we were talking a lot about our Occupational Therapy (OT) Services. Last week was Occupational Therapy week 2013, and our OT team were keen to celebrate and promote their profession. If you’ve missed our activities on Twitter and Facebook, then catch up here about what we have been up to.

Our OT team have been demonstrating how proud they are of their profession by spreading the word about what OTs can do and what a rewarding career it is

  • Our OTs are working to help case managers understand the broad scope of interventions that neurological OTs can deliver, promoting the OT service and challenging others to think widely about what a neurological OT can offer. Read more here.
  • Our OT team attended both the Case Managers JSP Networking Evening and “Working Together: The Interface between Healthcare professionals and solicitors” to represent our OT service
  • OT Sarah provided a day’s work experience to a support worker, giving an introduction to life as a neurological OT; Sarah was enthusiastic and eager to show her belief in her profession
  • OT Heather has spoken to a local school’s careers teacher to make sure that they have up-to-date information on OT as a career

Our OT team have been reflecting on how they change our patients’ lives everyday because of OT

  • We told you the story of Luke, who has recently got his own wheels, giving him independence around his house, read more about Luke
  • Heather was excited to be involved in a complex wheelchair assessment for a patient with a spinal cord injury, using a new head switch. Because of OT, her patient will gain independence by being able to drive his chair and alter his position without asking carers to do this