Heather speaks to ME/CFS Support Group

Last week Heather T was invited to speak at the Bury and Bolton ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome) Support Meeting. In her presentation, Heather outlined the potential benefits of hydrotherapy and how these can be of use for the symptoms of ME/CFS. She also reported to the group findings from our recent Bolton Neuro Voices (BNV) Hydrotherapy Project. The BNV project enabled us to provide hydrotherapy services to patients with a variety of neurological conditions; a total 25% of attendees on the course had ME/CFS, and Heather was able to discuss their feedback on the hydrotherapy. The information was well received and generated interest amongst members of the ME/CFS support group for future projects.

For more information about the Bolton Neuro Voices Hydrotherapy project please view our Outcome Report.