The CSP advise on collaborative NHS and private practice working

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists (CSP) have recently published an Information Paper providing advice for instances of a patient seeking concurrent treatment in both the NHS and private sectors. We welcome this guidance, and support recommendations within it, particularly those around communication between different teams. 

Some key points from the Information Paper.

  • Patients who choose to be treated privately are entitled to NHS services on exactly the same basis of clinical need as any other patient. Patients should not have NHS treatment withdrawn or refused because they also have private care.
  • There should be open, honest and regular communication in the interests of, and with the consent of, the patient…it is imperative that there is good communication between therapists.
  • Concurrent treatment can only be refused on grounds of the best available clinical evidence, e.g. when it is clear that the effects of two simultaneous treatments will be detrimental to that patient.

As a private provider, we regularly see patients who are also being treated under the NHS. We are proud of our track record of working across teams, and have a good working relationship working with many of our NHS colleagues. We believe that through good collaboration and communication our patients receive better care, and we look forward to continued collaboration in the future. You can download the document for further information by clicking on the image below.