What can a neurological OT help you with?

Our OT team, Heather and Sarah, have been working to make sure that the true scope of neurological OT is understood. They feel that although OT is a valued part of a patient’s rehabilitation process, when Case Managers commission their services they do not always realise the full scope of what an OT might be able to do for them.

Heather and Sarah started by spending time talking with other OTs in neurological practice about this exciting profession and the treatment interventions they are involved in. With information on the common referrals and interventions that OTs do, they have spent time talking to Case Managers in the field about the role of OTs in neurological rehabilitation. Aside from building contacts and opening lines of communication with the Case Managers, this has given Heather and Sarah an opportunity to explain the broad scope of interventions that OTs in neurological practice can deliver, promoting our service and challenging Case Managers to think widely about what a neurological OT can offer their clients.

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