SP Therapy Services Northwest Team

We set meaningful goals in partnership with our patients to help improve quality of life.

We work with our patients and their families,  supporting them to take ownership of their rehabilitation and integration into their community.


Susan Pattison

Chartered Physiotherapist and Director


I am a highly experienced neurological physiotherapist with a passion for the rehabilitation of patients living with neurological conditions including stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and cerebral palsy but with a special focus on head injury. The depth and breadth of my experience in adult head injury is from intensive care to community rehabilitation.

It was my awareness of the lack of community services that lead me to set up private practice in 1998 to meet this need. I describe myself as a people magpie and have evolved a team of talented therapists who share my passion and enthusiasm.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of UKABIF and in 2019 was awarded the Chair’s Certificate of Merit.

SP Therapy Services will celebrate its 25th year in 2023, and I am proud of our reputation for clinical excellence.

I strive to actively support my clinical team to be the best they possibly can and to share their clinical expertise by presenting posters at relevant conferences.

Get in touch at info@sptherapyservices.co.uk for a copy of Susan’s CV.

Robert Butterworth

Chartered Physiotherapist


I am a dedicated Neurological Physiotherapist with a passion for sports coaching. I bring to my role my wealth of knowledge from over 25 years’ experience as a sports coach; owning and running a centre specialising in Martial Arts tuition.

I work with patients and their support workers in their homes as well as in gym based environments. I am able to help patients move beyond guided exercise to empower them to make their own decisions and choices. My history of sports coaching means that I have a very clear understanding of strength and conditioning and helping people change their behaviour to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I’m committed to developing the skills of support workers, whether it be the principles of an effective exercise programme, or the fine details of how to use specific handing techniques to lower muscle tone and increase range of movement in a joint. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation is a team approach, ensuring the whole team understands the theory behind the programme is vital to ensure optimal progress.

Please get in touch at info@sptherapyservices.co.uk for a copy of Rob’s CV.

Jacqueline Boyle

Chartered Physiotherapist


I am a highly experienced Neurological Physiotherapist with a passion for the rehabilitation of patients living with a range of neurological conditions. I’m driven to provide the best clinical care for complex rehabilitation clients.

I’m proud to be a proactive-Physiotherapist and I thrive in the multidisciplinary environment, striving for best practice. I am motivated and highly skilled in disseminating care plans to the wider multidisciplinary team.

I have significant experience in the area of multidisciplinary goal setting of multifaceted cases throughout the rehabilitation pathway.

I’m knowledgable in training and education to therapy coordinators, support workers and other professionals. I’m also a keen advocate of the 24-hour approach to provision of highest quality rehabilitation.

I have considerable experience in a large variety of NHS and private healthcare settings, gaining both clinical and managerial experience.

Please get in touch at info@sptherapyservices.co.uk for a copy of Jacqueline’s CV.

We are Hiring!

Chartered Physiotherapist

Community Physiotherapist Specialising in Neurology

Based in Greater Manchester & Lancashire

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Looking for work life balance and professional satisfaction?

We have an exciting job opportunity for a Community Physiotherapist Specialising in Neurology to join our enthusiastic and driven team.

SP Therapy Services are a thriving independent community physiotherapy company specialising in neurological rehabilitation.  We work with children and adults with a range of complex conditions such as acquired brain injury, spinal injury, stroke, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological conditions.

SP Therapy Services supports its staff to work remotely and in a flexible way encouraging a greater work/life balance. Staff manage their own diaries and are given the freedom and autonomy to make decisions affecting their schedules.

SP Therapy Services strive to support professional satisfaction with an ethos of peer support within the business. Staff benefit from regular peer support meetings, 1:1’s with more senior staff as well as dedicated time built into every week to share best practice and learning.

Job requirements

You will be a Chartered Physiotherapist, HCPC registered, hold an Enhanced DBS check.

You will be a car owner driver for business use and have a “home office space” suitable to complete confidential admin tasks.

You will be motivated to self-improve with a strong portfolio of CPD.

Job description

This post is on an employed part-time or full-time basis, your core working hours are negotiable and your pay will be in line with your previous experience.

Your primary role will be to act as an autonomous clinician providing assessment and treatment of adults and children living with acquired brain injury in the community.

You will be required to design and deliver bespoke treatment plans and to achieve the very best functional outcomes using your clinical experience and the best available evidence.

You will have the capacity to “think outside of the box” to engage patients and deliver exceptional individualised rehabilitation and disability management for our patients.

You will have a high level of communication skills and be able to work within different MDT’s that are bespoke to an individual patient

You will have a sound knowledge of Word and be able complete written treatment plans to our Practice standards within a given time frame.

You will be an exceptional time manger.

Where we work

We are a remote working team, providing services in the community where we strongly believe we can make the most positive difference to our patients quality of life. We provide services to patients in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, West and South Yorkshire.

We would be looking for a new team member who lives in the Lancashire/Greater Manchester area.

The team

We employ Chartered Physiotherapists with a wealth of specialisms and different levels of experience. At SP Therapy Services we encourage innovation and work collaboratively with universities, charities and other organisations, to engage in research and participate in range of innovative projects.

The team currently consists of five Chartered Physiotherapists, who are based across Greater Manchester, Lancashire, West and South Yorkshire.

Benefits/ Rewards

We offer flexible working hours to promote a work-life balance, a company pension scheme. To support remote working you will be provided with your own Surface Pro laptop and mobile phone and a Home-Based allowance.

Business mileage expenses are renumerated.

Further details and contact information

Contact susan.pattison@sptherapyservices.co.uk for more information or send a CV to apply.

"I have found their services second to none, and what a fantastic difference they have made to my clients, and to me. They have put Alter G therapy into place that I can guarantee no one else is getting. They have gone above and beyond their roles to support my clients and have helped me immeasurably with the complexities of supporting a client who lives 160 miles from me."
Lisa Barnes – Clinical Case Manager
"I have worked with Susan and her fantastic team for well over 10 years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their skill and professionalism to others."
Amanda Phillips AP Rehabilitation
"SP Therapy Services work with Bolton Neuro Voices (BNV). The team consists of patients with various neurological conditions. Susan Pattison's work has helped many people with disabilities and their mobility. This is a professional service and their customer care is always without question."
Neil Germaine participant of BNV hydrotherapy
MS Society

Our Locations

We provide services across the regions of Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. Our team of dedicated community neurological physiotherapy practitioners, will travel to you, to provide the treatment you need in your own home and community. Providing therapy that meets your needs with the aim of improving your quality of life.

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  • How can physiotherapy help adults living with Acquired Brain Injury?

    Although every individual with an ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) is different, the main focus of physiotherapy is to improve a persons ability to move and maximise their independence. To achieve this a physiotherapist will work to:

    • Improve posture and walking;
      Improve balance and reduce the risk of falls;
    • Strengthen muscles, and reduce muscle stiffness;
    • Mobilise joints and improve the quality of movement;
    • Improve respiratory function and challenge the cardiovascular system;
    • Provide education and training to support teams and families.
  • How can physiotherapy help children living with Acquired Brain Injury?

    Children with ABI differ from adults in that their brains (their movement control centre) and their musculoskeletal system (bones and muscles) are not yet fully developed. ABI impacts on a child’s ability to control movement making muscles floppy (low toned or flaccidity), stiff (high toned or spasticity) or uncoordinated (dystonia and ataxia). Children learn through movement they explore play and learn about, depth, shape, texture, volume distance and harm by moving through their environment. When moving is difficult learning becomes a greater challenge.

    Stiff, floppy or uncoordinated muscles pull on the immature and growing skeleton and this can cause developmental problems such as scoliosis, contractures and joint problems especially in the hips.

    Physiotherapists work to re-educate more normal movement patterns and treat and manage the muscles to maximise the child’s opportunity to learn through movement, and reduce the impact of the pull on growing bones

    Our physiotherapists can work with a child at school or at home, we have physiotherapists working in our Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire communities.