807, 2020

Coronavirus- Impact on Rehabilitation

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Susan Pattison, Practice Director was pleased to be asked to contribute to a round-table discussion about the future of rehabilitation and the impact of the Coronavirus. Susan joined a panel of experts from both the private sector and the NHS as they discussed how teams had met the challenge of continuing rehabilitation during lockdown. The panellists shared their experiences in [...]

1606, 2020

SP Therapy Services Hosts its Inaugural Webinar!

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On Thursday 4th June 2020, SP Therapy Services hosted its inaugural Webinar; Remote Neurological Physiotherapy, possible, but is it preferable? The SP Therapy Services' Physiotherapy team shared their experiences of the rapid deployment of Neurological Physiotherapy by video link during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The Webinar was introduced and chaired by Susan Pattison, Director and Physiotherapist and the team members [...]

1504, 2020

COVID19 Update by Susan Pattison

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“There is only one way to survive and thrive when faced with circumstances out of our control and for which we are unprepared: ADAPT.” 3 weeks ago we looked at the Covid-19 situation and asked ourselves how can we ensure we don't contribute to the problem, but are part of the solution... We decided the worst thing we could do [...]

2801, 2020

Anna Contributes to Physiopedia; An Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injury

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Anna Ziemer has a reputation as a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on Acquired Brain Injury. She is always passionate and so willing to share her knowledge for the enrichment of others and to improve our patient experiences. Anna is a full time Specialist Physiotherapist based in Clinic , an active member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists Interested in Neurology, [...]

1401, 2020

Driving after an Acquired Brain Injury

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Written by Franki Collinson, Occupational Therapist and Champion for Cognition For many of our clients concerns about driving can play heavily on their minds. Some may have lost their licence as a result of injury or seizures at the time of an accident, for others their concern is being unsure as to whether they can/should apply for a provisional licence, [...]

2811, 2019

Abdi’s View on His Occupational Therapy progress!

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Karen Vercoe interviews Abdi! Last week, Karen Vercoe (Occupational Therapist and Children's Specialist) sat down with her client, Abdi, to review his progress! Abdi’s opportunities for movement and activities became very limited when he suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of an accident. Apart from attending school on a daily basis, he had little social contact and [...]

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