1911, 2019

Manifesto for Community Rehabilitation

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At SP Therapy Services, Community Rehabilitation is our business and our team are passionate about supporting people living with neurological conditions to meet their potential. However we recognise that not everyone is in a position were they can access private rehabilitation. Sadly the NHS provision of Community Rehabilitation falls woefully short of the needs of the population, and this is [...]

1211, 2019

Adults Living with Cerebral Palsy

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(Written by Susan Pattison, Physiotherapist) Susan Pattison recently attended the Physiotherapy UK Conference (2019) and this years theme was “Managing Complexity”. There was a number of sessions on Adult Cerebral Palsy (CP). Of particular interest was some preliminary data from RADICAL Research and Brunnel University who have been surveying whether physio services are meeting the needs of adults living [...]

2910, 2019

Susan attends Newly Diagnosed MS Day

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On Saturday 19th October, Susan Pattison, Director of SP Therapy Services joined experts from across Manchester to talk at the Newly Diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis Day; “Getting To Grips With MS”. The day was led by Lindsay Lord, Advanced Specialist Nurse and had speakers including Dr Paul Talbot, Consultant Neurologist and Jeremy Harris of the MS Society. Susan spoke about [...]

2410, 2019

Supporting Our Clients Living With Fatigue

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Written by Franki Collinson, Occupational Therapist and Champion for Cognition One of the most common difficulties that many of our clients with an acquired brain injury tell us they struggle with is severe and debilitating fatigue.Whilst fatigue may be experienced very differently between individuals, there are some similarities which have prompted SP Therapy Services to come up with a package of [...]

2410, 2019

Fear of Falling- A Serious Falls Risk Factor

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Written By Anna Ziemer, Physiotherapist and Champion for Balance.  A fall is a debilitating experience which will happen to third of over 65s ever year. Falls have various risk factors like deconditioning, poor posture and balance or taking many medications. However, current research studies suggest that the fear of falling might be a greater contributing factor to falls than [...]

209, 2019

Hydrotherapy- Taking The Plunge

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Susan Pattison, Physiotherapist and Director for SP Therapy Services presented at the 30th anniversary World Aquatic Therapy Conference in Dorking on Sunday 1st September 2019. Susan joined a line up of international speakers presenting the latest evidence on the benefits of Aquatic Therapy. Susan presented the most recent data from our long term collaboration with Bolton Neuro Voices to [...]

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