SP Therapy Services featured in Nationwide Publication!

We are incredibly proud to announce that Susan Pattison’s latest article, “Mastering Balance: The Subconscious Science of Stability,” has been featured in the prestigious B&SI Handbook.

In “Mastering Balance,” Susan delves into the often-overlooked subconscious mechanisms that govern our sense of balance. Through her expert insights, she explores how our bodies instinctively maintain stability and the crucial role this plays in our overall well-being, notably in the lives of those affected by brain and spinal injuries.

Susan Pattison is a Chartered Physiotherapist and the Director of SP Therapy Services. With extensive experience in neurological physiotherapy, Susan has a particular focus on brain and spinal injury rehabilitation. Her career began with a keen interest in the lack of community services for neurological rehabilitation, which led her to establish her private practice in 1998. Susan has garnered a reputation for clinical excellence and innovation in the field. She is an active supporter of the UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum (UKABIF) and was awarded the Chair’s Certificate of Merit in 2019. Under her leadership, SP Therapy Services has grown into a renowned practice celebrating over 25 years of dedication to patient rehabilitation.

Whether you’re a fellow therapist, a patient, or someone looking to improve their balance, “Mastering Balance: The Subconscious Science of Stability” offers enlightening and valuable insights for everyone.

Click here to read the article on pages 26 & 27