Journeying Through 2024: Community & Unity

As 2024 unfolds, we have experienced an array of memorable events and significant milestones. A year, so far, marked by unity, celebration, meaningful contributions to our community, and key moments that define our shared values.

Springing into Action: Highlights from NWABIN

As winter’s chill lingered, the Northwest Acquired Brain Injury Network on 1st March stood out as a beacon of community spirit. We welcomed 55 industry professionals and volunteers from a diverse range of services, including solicitors, case managers, charities, equipment providers, support workers, and accessible community services such as music and forest schools.

A major highlight of the event was Headway’s vibrant stand, showcasing artwork created by their participants. The room buzzed as these items were raffled, raising additional funds and delighting the individuals who won the beautiful pieces.

In total, £550.00 was raised on the day for Headway Salford and Headway Stockport. These funds will go a long way in providing essential resources, rehabilitation, and support for individuals with acquired brain injuries.

We have been organising and sponsoring the NWABI network for many years and are proud to have played a pivotal role in supporting these charities and the acquired brain injury community.

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Technique to Togetherness: Our Team Away Day

As the first signs of spring began to emerge, our team gathered for a much-anticipated Team Away Day. For a remote-working team like ours, these gatherings are invaluable. They provide us with a unique opportunity to connect face-to-face, which fosters stronger bonds and enhances our collaborative spirit.

The clinical focus of this Away Day was on transitions between postural sets—moving from supine to side-lying, side-lying to sitting, sitting to standing, and standing to walking. These sessions were rich with learning, as we drew from the vast knowledge and expertise within our team.

This day wasn’t just about technical skill development; it was a chance for each of us to share our experiences and insights, ensuring we stay at the forefront of neurological physiotherapy practices. We delved into the latest trends, adhering to our elite service model, and reaffirmed our commitment to top-level rehabilitation.

Beyond the clinical focus, the Away Day offered precious moments to bond over lunch, tea, and coffee. As a remote team, these shared moments of laughter and camaraderie are everything to us, reinforcing our unity and shared purpose.

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A Milestone Workiversary: Celebrating Jayne

The early days of spring brought with them a significant milestone—Jayne Hallford’s 15-year workiversary! Jayne isn’t just our Clinical Coordinator and Child Specialist; she’s the glue that keeps our team together. From her funky and fabulous hair to her infectious Yorkshire charm, Jayne embodies everything we cherish in a colleague and friend.

She continues to be Sue’s right-hand woman, with this power duo dedicating themselves not only to exceptional rehabilitation but also to creating a fantastic working environment.

At the Team Away Day, Jayne bashfully said it’s the best job she’s ever had. This heartfelt moment underscored what we all feel: being part of a small, cherished team is much more than just a job — it’s a family.

We are honoured to have Jayne in our SPTS family, and her long-standing journey with us is a testament to our company culture; “Great folk to work for and with”.

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Uniting for Impact: Memorable Moments from YABIN

Our second Yorkshire Acquired Brain Injury Network (YABIN) was held on May 10th following the resounding success of last year’s inaugural event. This time, we welcomed 60 professionals and volunteers from a diverse range of fields, including Headway participants, animal sanctuaries, cyber security experts, solicitors, speech and language therapists, case managers, and equipment providers. Thanks to the generosity of those in the room, we raised a significant amount for Headway Rotherham and Headway Huddersfield.

This time, we embraced a Hats for Headway theme, ensuring plenty of exposure for Hats for Headway Day. This playful element of the day helped break the ice and brighten the atmosphere, making it easier for everyone to connect and engage in meaningful conversations. And we’re so grateful it did as it led to one of the standout moments of the event, one that reminded us exactly why we do what we do.

Through conversation, Headway Rotherham and Headway Huddersfield realised they shared a vision for their participants—a trip to the beach. Both groups discussed the high cost of hiring a bus and explored the possibility of sharing one. And like magic… Our generous YABIN participants managed to raise enough money to bring this dream to life.

This heart-warming collaboration brought immense joy to the faces of Headway’s participants at the event and perfectly encapsulated the spirit of YABIN — coming together to make a real difference.

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Advocating for Accessibility: Our Impact at the Neuro Rehab Times

Later in May, the digital realm became a hub of innovation and knowledge sharing with the Neuro Rehab Times Webinar, coinciding with Spinal Injuries Awareness Day. This event, a highlight of our professional calendar, brought together experts from across the country to delve into the topic of Spinal Cord Injury: Supporting Independence and Building an Accessible World. The webinar has been immensely popular, reaching 14,000 views already!

Jayne Hallford, our esteemed Neuro Physio and Clinical Coordinator, was invited to be a guest speaker on the Webinar and she made us particularly proud with her insightful contributions. Jayne articulated some of the accessibility challenges faced by participants of the South Yorkshire Spinal Injuries Association, where she charitably volunteers her expertise. Jayne highlighted a poignant point often voiced by the participants: “People who are able-bodied are making decisions for those who are disabled.” This sparked an interesting discussion between speakers, notably Michael Laffey from Burnetts Solicitors who experienced an AVM as a child & went on to become a solicitor, helping those who’ve had catastrophic injuries.

Through Jayne’s advocacy, we are championing a world where everyone’s voice is heard, ensuring that those with disabilities have a say in the decisions that affect their lives.

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As we reflect on 2024 thus far, we’re filled with gratitude for the moments of unity, the strength of our community, and the opportunities that have come our way. These mid-year reflections remind us of the power of collaboration and the importance of supporting one another through every milestone. As we continue journeying through the rest of the year, we intend to carry forward the spirit of unity, embrace the strength of our community, and seize every opportunity to make a positive impact.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on the next leg of our journey through 2024!