Hydrotherapy has changed my life!

My name is Amanda Murphy. In 2020 aged 34, married with a teenage son and working as a GP receptionist, I had a stroke. On starting hydrotherapy in March 2022, I was very nervous as I didn’t have any physiotherapy after my stroke due to the nation going into lockdown because of Covid. My right arm and leg are weak, I fatigue easily and my brain functions completely different to what it once did. I don’t go out alone due to weakness, fatigue, hyperacusis (extreme sensitivity to noise) and lack of co-ordination.

During the 5-week Hydrotherapy Course for new users, Susan taught us exercises in the  pool. I learnt that I loved the water and how much easier and more mobile you are in the pool. After each session, I would feel fatigued but also very accomplished and fit. Since April 2022 I have been part of the Bolton Neuro Voices Hydrotherapy Continuation Programme at the Sir Jason Kenny Leisure Centre in Bolton.

Two months later, my husband and I joined our local gym and now swim and do classes weekly. We love aqua aerobics and yin yoga.

Everyone at hydrotherapy is so friendly. I really do feel part of a group and it’s lovely to talk to people who are going through the same as me, and in doing so I have made friends. Together we have joined Jigsaw, the local stroke group, where we go twice a month. We play quizzes, do chair aerobics and watch singers and plays. We also attend the trips they provide.

I have also advised my new social group how good the aqua aerobics make me feel and how fun it is. They have now joined my local gym also and now we all go to aqua aerobics twice a week. And next week we are going to see a show in Liverpool!

Hydrotherapy has really opened doors for me both physically and socially. It has helped me gain confidence, get fit and make friends.. I am much happier and feel so much better and accepted in my ‘new body’. It has helped my mental health and rocketed my social life. It keeps my days busy now with my new-found love of the pool and its classes, Jigsaw and also hydrotherapy weekly.

I feel like I have a life again and I cannot thank Bolton Neuro Voices enough! Thank you!