Susan and Lucy up their skills in optimising function of the lower limb

On Saturday, Susan and Lucy attended a course on “The Lower Limb and The Importance of the Kinetic Chain in Developing Propulsion and Power for Function” by Clare Fraser, Bobath Tutor. The course was arranged by Neuro Therapy Excellence (a group of independent practices dedicated to identifying standards in neurotherapy), of which Susan Pattison Ltd is a founder member, and was hosted by Burscough Neuro Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre in Ormskirk. 

The day-long course began with a lecture on the theoretical underpinning of the role of the kinetic chain in lower limb function and the evidence behind this, followed by a hands-on workshop of practical techniques for use with patients. The day culminated in a live patient assessment workshop followed by an open and interactive clinical reasoning discussion. It was a fascinating and useful day, and Susan and Lucy have plenty of ideas for putting into practice the techniques and clinical reasoning with their own patients.