Heather expands her knowledge of the Bobath Concept

Recently, Heather T attended the first part of a 3-week Bobath course ‘Assessing and treating adults with neurological conditions’.

The Bobath Concept is a problem-solving approach to the assessment and treatment of individuals with disturbances of function, movement and postural control due to a lesion of the central nervous system. This approach to the rehabilitation of adults with central nervous system pathology originated in the work of Berta and Karel Bobath and has evolved over more than half a century. The rationale for current practice is based upon present day knowledge of motor control, motor learning and neural plasticity, as well as on knowledge of biomechanics.

Heather still has plenty of work to do, but hopes to have completed the course early next year. However, she is already starting to implement what she is learning in her clinical practice, and looks forward to continuing to develop her skills over the coming months. Good Luck Heather!