Collaboration with
Bolton Neuro Voices

Since 2012 our team of physiotherapists have supported Bolton Neuro Voices, a local charity, to provide group-based hydrotherapy. This successful venture includes an annual course for new users and ongoing programmes for those able to continue without the constant presence of the physiotherapist. All sessions (divided into 30 minute slots) are on Wednesdays between 12 noon – 3pm and take place in the purpose-built hydrotherapy pool at the Sir Jason Kenny Leisure Centre at Bolton One. The pool has fully accessible changing facilities.

You can still add your name to the waiting list for 2024 by contacting Marie Oxtoby on


The course for new users

Bolton Neuro Voices is currently undergoing significant personnel changes. This transition period has necessitated a reevaluation of the organization’s schedule and course offerings for the year 2024. Due to the ongoing adjustments in staff and resources, Bolton Neuro Voices is unable to confirm any scheduled dates for new courses in the upcoming year. The organization is committed to maintaining the quality and effectiveness of its programs, and as such, it has deemed it necessary to take this pause in order to ensure that future courses are delivered with the same level of excellence and expertise that participants have come to expect. Updates on the course schedule for 2024 will be provided as soon as they become available, and Bolton Neuro Voices appreciates the understanding and patience of its valued community during this transitional period.


The Continuation Programmes

SP Therapy Services will be running The Continuation Programme for Bolton Neuro Voices until Christmas 2023.

With a shared promise to provide exceptional care and support to participants, SP Therapy Services and Bolton Neuro Voices are committed to offering a comprehensive and enriching experience throughout this period.

For more information or to add your name to the waiting list for 2024, please contact Marie Oxtoby on


Bolton Neuro Voices

For more information about Bolton Neuro Voices please contact

Marie Oxtoby on 01204594004 or email at