Treatment for Stroke

Our specialist neurological physiotherapists work with individuals who have suffered a stroke and  support their family/carers through the rehabilitation process. Rehabilitation is very important following a stroke, it should commence as soon as possible and continue until an individual has reached their maximum potential.

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We work alongside our NHS colleagues to maximise our patient’s opportunity for recovery.


  • What is a stroke?

    A stroke is caused by a disruption of blood flow to the brain as a result of a blockage or leakage in a blood vessel. Like all organs, the brain needs oxygen and nutrients provided by blood to function properly. If the supply of blood is restricted or stopped, brain cells begin to die. The effects of a stroke vary depending on the severity of the blockage or leakage but can affect movement, speech, memory and emotions, making everyday tasks difficult. A stroke can lead to brain injury, disability and possibly death.

  • How does physiotherapy help people who have suffered a stroke?
    Physiotherapy enables people to relearn lost abilities, regain independence and reduce the risk of further strokes. Our specialist neurological physiotherapists encouraged and actively participate in the rehabilitation of stroke patients and work closely with care teams on the patient’s road to recovery.

Our Locations

We provide services across the regions of Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire. Our team of dedicated community neurological physiotherapy practitioners, will travel to you, to provide the treatment you need in your own home and community. Providing therapy that meets your needs with the aim of improving your quality of life.

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