Supporting Our Clients Living With Fatigue

One of the most common difficulties that many of our clients with an acquired brain injury tell us they struggle with is severe and debilitating fatigue.

Whilst fatigue may be experienced very differently between individuals, there are some similarities which have prompted SP Therapy Services to come up with a package of support.  Franki Collinson, SP Occupational Therapist and Champion for Cognition, has produced a simple booklet offering education regarding the different types of fatigue as a resource for our clients. To request a copy of the booklet please email us at


Understanding the nature of the fatigue is half of the battle. Often the fatigue presents as a ‘brain fog’ or cognitive fatigue affecting concentration and, therefore, affecting memory as the information has not been processed and stored. Other types of fatigue may be as a result of deconditioning or may be emotional in nature causing sadness and distress.

In order to get a thorough picture of how and when the fatigue presents we can offer an individualised assessment which includes a detailed analysis of daily living activities, including the environment in which they are carried out and any pattern or triggers to the fatigue.

We will support our clients to avoid a ‘boom and bust’ cycle which is where many people will try to do too much when they are having a good day. Unfortunately, this can have the effect of causing a crash in the following few days.

We work with our clients to set meaningful goals and grade any activities, and we can teach fatigue management techniques, for example, breaking tasks down and taking regular, timely rest periods. In this way we can look at what’s realistic and achievable so that, with a few modifications, our clients can get on with what they enjoy doing!