Sue & Anna Visit ACPIN

On Thursday 3rd July, Susan Pattison and Anna Ziemer attended an ACPIN evening in Preston. The evening was based on “Delivering Intensive Rehabilitation: Factors affecting implementation”

Susan and Anna were privileged to be asked to speak at this inaugural collaborative event between UCLAN and ACPIN. They spoke about their research posters to nearly 60 delegates all who were training to be physiotherapists or were experienced physiotherapists. The event had gained a lot of interest from beyond the North West, with interested parties requesting audio footage from Isle of Wight… and even PERU!

Gill Dean Lofthouse, of the Complex Needs Practice said, “It was such a pleasure seeing you and Anna last night at Preston and I just wanted to drop a line to say thank you.

It’s brilliant to know there is a physiotherapist led Falls prevention course that is accessible, affordable and fun (of course) and I loved and appreciated how you planned and developed the Hydrotherapy scheme – you can’t beat Hydro and having a system where you can safely introduce multi ability people into it is brilliant.

I’ve not been to ACPIN for some time as felt it just wasn’t relevant to my practice – that format with UCLAN  is quite exciting and last night made me determined to attend and participate more.

Thank you again for the presentations and the great job you do”