Karen and Abdi’s Lockdown Journey: Part 3

The latest installment in “Abdi and Karen’s Lockdown Journey”


“My teacher Tara sent me a timetable that helped me organise my day which was good to help me fill the day. It had lots of activities and exercises to do.

I was still hoping for a break from physio and OT but secretly I didn’t mind seeing Karen and Andy.

Karen sent me a box of activities and my games arrived – I was going to be very busy. I really like the Geomag.

We tried using Skype on my iPad which made things a bit better.

Some things started to go wrong – my standing frame broke and my wheelchair footrest came loose – Karen and Andy sorted them out.”


So it started to look like this was going to be a long haul!

Abdi ‘s team “met” together via Zoom and discussed how best we could all support Abdi, his family and support worker. His teacher took on the task of putting together a timetable that covered all his therapy and education needs as well as rest periods as Abdi tends to get tired (he needed to “Chill” too!)

I started to create activity packs specific to my clients – the types of things I usually take out to use in session – bespoke for each child along with instructions and photos for carers. I sent Abdi a pack of fine motor activities for him to use.

We started using Skype – this improved the view of Abdi – his screen could be propped up freeing his support worker’s hands! We were able to practice dressing skills, Kim’s game with real objects on my table. We used a whiteboard each to play a range of games – noughts and crosses, squares and hangman.

We played verbal games like” I went to market”; however it soon became apparent that there were some limitations – positioning the screen, balancing the whiteboard. I had started using Zoom with some of my other clients and beginning to realise the potential to share online activites. I also found an amazing group in Facebook – Pediatric OT Telehealth and Clinic Activities – this group became my life line – occupational therapists across the world were all facing the same dilemmas; what we could offer as therapists was endless – I just had to get my head round it all and work out how I could make it work for each individual I support.