COVID19 Update by Susan Pattison

3 weeks ago we looked at the Covid-19 situation and asked ourselves how can we ensure we don’t contribute to the problem, but are part of the solution…

We decided the worst thing we could do would be to continue with face to face contact and risk contributing to the spread of the disease & so on 23rd March 2020 we stopped all face to face contact.

Although this happened abruptly we had been planning the alternative; providing virtual rehabilitation, since early March. The need to stop face to face contact and hands on therapy made us turn that plan into a reality.

Supported by our Practice Administrator, George Stephens, our patients and their families were coached through the various platforms and supported to use a platform to meet their individual therapy need.

Meanwhile our Therapy Team problem-solved how to make the individual’s Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy session safe, meaningful and realistic.

The creativity and imagination of the team in meeting this challenge was incredible. Their commitment to finding a workable solution for each individual was rewarded by positive feedback from patients and families. Please visit our #GoodNewsStories Twitter thread in real-time below.

#GoodNewsStories Twitter thread:

The Therapy team are mindful of the limitations of virtual rehabilitation and look forward to the day hands-on contact, our key skill can return.

But all are aware of the massive learning curve we and our patients have been on, but there virtual rehabilitation will be a part of our future therapy services and a positive supplement to hands-on and face to face therapy.