Doris’ Story at SP Therapy Services

When Doris approached SP Therapy Services after the severe stroke in 2016 her goal was to be able to get out of her wheelchair when shopping to have a look around the shelves or stands. Since then however she got a bit further than that!

Doris loved travelling whole her life. She was always going places allowing to spend time actively getting to know local attractions, sites, traditions and people. The stroke left Doris with left side movements and balance difficulties and her abilities to make the most of her journeys got severely affected. Once she started improving she made a wish to be able to go on a cruise again but not to use the wheelchair.

Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapist from SP Therapy Services has been working with Doris on her mobility, balance and use of upper limbs to help with her neglect and ability to walk and engage in daily activities. Doris had been working really hard and not only improved her strength, gait or balance but also tackled her de-condition and fatigue, which often would get in a way.

Bon Voyage!

Getting confidence on her feet allowed Doris and her husband Gerry to look further towards the horizon and face new adventures. At the end of May 2017 they enjoyed the cruise around British Isles and despite of some rough weather they stayed steady on their feet at all times!

Since then Doris and Gerry visited Donegal in Ireland to pursuit their family tree history, enjoyed the beauty of Scottish Highlands visiting family in Mey, and has been supporting  their children to look after their grandsons in South Wales and London, and never stop planning further and bigger.

Next stop… San Francisco and sunny California just month way!