Recently Anna Ziemer one of the SP Therapy Services Physiotherapists and the Clinical Champion for Balance attended PD Warrior training, which is the cutting-edge approach to exercises in Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

The study day tailored for therapists was run by PD Warrior and Physiotherapy Team at Macclesfield District General Hospital on windy March day. It completed the hours of pre-course study including research across neurophysiology, neurology, motor learning and psychology. As soon as the day got going it was clear that the hours spend on reading during Anna’s skiing holidays in glorious Aosta Valley were not in vain. The day quickly turn to intense practical application of core principles and practice of 10 core exercises. Patient volunteers allowed the course participants to practice the assessment, delivery of the programme, developing motivating and behaviour changing approach. The day was full of exercises, professional skills and knowledge exchange, and personal experiences sharing. Some caused all of us sharing a tear or two when inspirational duet: Physiotherapist attending the course with her father recently diagnosed with PD shared their experience of the day.

The course was very exciting for Anna as PD Warrior is based on similar principles as the Falls Prevention Course she runs at SP Therapy Services. PD Warrior not only provides an exercise routine for person living with Parkinson’s but also enables them to change their lifestyle to more active and build one’s confidence in movements. PD Warrior provides support network to everyone who would like to start exercising or improve their current routine.

What is different to other approaches to Parkinson’s rehabilitation, PD Warrior is based on high effort neuroactive exercises, complex activities requiring cognitive engagement and tailored coaching to individual person needs. PD Warrior trains persons brain and enables people to get stronger and fitter and slows down progression of the Parkinson’s.  Along with medication it allows better control of PD symptoms and freer movements.

PD Warrior is a great motivator and enabler but in return the programme expects the person living with Parkinson’s to take ownership of their well-being and to commit to 10 weeks of intensive daily training.

Along with some weary muscles following from the PD Warrior practice there was great “take home message”:

  • being sedentary is the worst enemy of person dealing with Parkinson’s Disease
  • inactivity causes faster increase of your symptoms
  • exercises have great and strongly evidenced benefits for people living with Parkinson’s
  • group approach increases motivation and enables people to live fulfilling life with PD.

The message was very close to Anna’s heart and reaffirming that our SP Therapy Services culture of MEET, MOVE & IMPROVE is more than right!

If you ready for your 10 weeks challenge or you would like to find out more about PD Warrior or our classes please get in touch with Anna at 0161 764 3799.