‘Anatomy Trains- Structural Essentials: Head, Neck & Jaw‘

On 6th and 7th October 2018, Sue Altham, Physiotherapist, visited the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside to target the latest body area on her Myofascial Release hit list;  ‘Anatomy Trains- Structural Essentials: Head, Neck & Jaw‘.

The neck is an amazing feat of biomechanical engineering and is often seen as the last site of compensation as it corrects for alterations from below allowing the eyes and ears to orientate to the horizon. The head itself weighs approximately 11-12lbs and for every inch further forward a staggering 10lbs can be added on! It is therefore hardly surprising that this area can be a huge source for postural problems, particularly for our Brain Injury clients who are often working extremely hard to maintain balance.

‘A fabulous course targeting specifics to such a complex area’ – Sue Altham

Reflecting on trialling some new techniques with Acquired Brain Injury clients: ‘The use of myofascial techniques is a great compliment to exercise management and can be superb to free musculature to help access further movement. Feedback has been hugely positive with notable benefit reported in both comfort, postural alignment and ease of movement.

The consensus from our Acquired Brain Injury clients so far:

  • More please to support progress
  • My head feels much lighter which is helping me stand taller and more aligned

For everybody- Watch your posture, sit up tall and take care when texting on those phones!