Abdi’s View on His Occupational Therapy progress!

Karen Vercoe interviews Abdi!

Last week, Karen Vercoe (Occupational Therapist and Children’s Specialist) sat down with her client, Abdi, to review his progress!

Abdi’s opportunities for movement and activities became very limited when he suffered a traumatic brain injury as the result of an accident.

Apart from attending school on a daily basis, he had little social contact and tended to spend his evenings and weekend sitting on his bed. Abdi appeared very passive.

Occupational therapy enables people to participate in activities or occupations through their daily life to improve their health and wellbeing. Leisure activities are a vital part of everybody’s daily life.

Karen Vercoe, Occupational Therapist reviewed what was available in the local area, talked to Abdi, and with the support of his family, support worker and physiotherapists  designed a timetable of activities for the summer holidays. Abdi continues to take part in these activities with a plan to return to others when he has chance; in fact there are not enough evenings in the week!

Abdi is much happier and seems full of energy!

This is what Abdi thinks……….

OT: “What do think to your new wheelchair?”

Abdi: “It’s good, it’s much better than my other one”

OT: “What did the other one make you feel like?”

Abdi: “Bored. I did like being pushed though”

OT: “What does the new one make you feel like?”

Abdi: “I feel happier and more important”

OT: “Over the summer you have done a lot of activities, shall we talk about them?”

OT: “How about your sessions at BASIC on the CAREN?”

Abdi: “It’s a platform and a big screen, I stand up and play the games. It feels great. I think I can move my body more. I’d like to go more”

OT: “You’ve been going to Boccia at Leverhulme Park on a Wednesday”

Abdi: “I really like that. It’s fun. I want to go to competitions. I think there is one at Liverpool”

OT: “You go to wheelchair football with Bolton Bullets on a Friday evening”

Abdi: “I love that. I can do football all by myself. It’s very good because I can move fast in the powered wheelchair and I don’t get tired. I’ve made friends”

OT: “You went to the cycling sessions with Wheels for All over the summer holidays”

Abdi: “It felt good to move it by myself and use my hands. I think I got better at moving”

OT: “How did you like the swimming sessions at Bolton One?

Abdi: “I think I improved my ability to swim. I feel more confident”

OT: “How did you like ski-ing with DSUK at the Chill Factore?

Abdi: “That was the best one. I liked going down the slope really fast so it was exciting and I’d like to go again”

OT: “Is there anything else you’d like to do?”

Abdi: “I’d love to go horse-riding”

Watch this space!!