Abdi and Karen’s Lockdown Journey: Part 1

Over the coming weeks we are going to share with you one of the many success stories we have seen at SP Therapy Services during the Covid-19 crisis.

We decided to take a “virtual first” approach straight away and Karen Vercoe gradually began to plan some of the creative ways she could engage her clients for the duration of the crisis to ensure she was delivering the best quality Occupational Therapy (paediatric).

See below the initial takes from both Karen and Abdi – produced as part of Abdi’s remote therapy sessions.


“When I was sent home from school at the end of March because of Corona Virus I was happy.

It didn’t feel too bad at first and thought it would just be for a few weeks.

It felt weird not going out of the house but I was glad there would be no school and OT and physio would stop. That was a big thumbs up from me! I was very happy.

I thought I could sleep all day and get up in the night and go wandering about.

I wanted to chill out and watch loads of TV; get in my wheelchair and go and find food in the kitchen.

But things just got crazier and crazier…”



“It certainly was a crazy and weird time – driving around between visits and listening to the constant news announcements and knowing what had been happening in other countries led to the realisation that the same would be happening here.

The week before Lockdown I had arranged for a demonstration of power assist wheels for Abdi’s manual wheelchair – he’d been doing really well at moving around school in his wheelchair but just needed that additional help to travel any distance. Using the manual wheelchair has made such a difference both from a physical health perspective but also for his spatial awareness, planning and self-esteem. School stopped allowing visitors into the building so at the last minute I had to rearrange the demonstration from Gary at Da Vinci Mobility to be at home because of the limited space – not ideal but we managed out on a piece of level ground behind the houses.

The wheels were intended for use at school and now it looked like school would be closing!

Abdi was at the forefront of my mind, thinking about the implications of being at home for several weeks”


Make sure you check back next week to see what happened next! It will be sure to bring a smile to your face 🙂