“A Time For Change”

This week members of the SP Therapy Services Team attended the North West launch of the UKABIF All Party Parliamentary Group Report on Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) entitled “A Time For Change”. This report identifies the impact of ABI on the individual, their families and wider society and calls for change in 5 key areas;

  • neurorehabilitation
  • education
  • criminal justice
  • sports related concussion
  • welfare benefits system

ABI is the leading cause of death and disability in the UK and whilst investment in acute services has meant many more people survive ABI, there has sadly not been the equivalent incremental in neuro rehabilitation beds and the is an estimated short fall of 10,000 beds and a wide spread lack of specialist community rehabilitation resources. This is despite the evidence that neurorehabilitation is both clinically and cost effective. The report champions the Rehabilitation Prescription which should travel with the individual from admission through their rehabilitation journey.

There have been many high profile stories about sports related concussion and the links that are now being established with dementia.

It highlights what is often referred to as the hidden disability of which can impact on an individual’s thinking processes and cause problems with concentration, memory, impulsivity and fatigue. It wants to raise awareness of the serious impact this can have on an individual and the need for the welfare system to understand how debilitating and disabling these systems can be. As ABI can happen at age, the report highlights the impact of ABI in children and their need for additional support in our education systems to ensure children with ABI reach their full potential.

The report also provides alarming statistics about our prisons and young offenders units. There are 12% of the UK population living with ABI but it is estimated up to 50% of our prison population also have ABI. Whilst the report is not suggesting cause and effect it is highlighting the need for screening and access to rehabilitation.


Want to read the report in more detail https://www.ukabif.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/1533_40pp_APPG-on-ABI_Report_Time-for-Change_2018_AW_SINGLES_WEB.pdf

Why not watch this video about the impact of ABI https://youtu.be/Oxa55_2OA08