Sarah Butterworth, Occupational Therapist and Cognitive Champion, is passionate about her role and educating others as to the hidden disabilities of memory loss and fatigue that can impact on the lives of individuals and their families after ABI.

On 12th March 2016 Sarah spoke at the Meningitis Now ‘Rebuilding Futures’ Conference at Blackpool Zoo, a focus day dedicated to individuals and their families recovering from meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia. The day covered a variety of topics including post-traumatic stress, caring for carers, acquired brain injury, fatigue, memory loss, research and the opportunity to share personal experiences.
Sarah’s presentation to the 70 strong adult audience was titled ‘Fixing The Roof: Coping with Memory Problems and Fatigue after Brain Injury’. Sarah was keen to emphasise the importance of patient centred approach and the need to find out what matters and is important to an individual and she focussed on advice about practical strategies to overcome common problems.Sarah was keen to emphasise that OT’s work collaboratively with their patients, as ‘Your Goal is Our Goal’.
Many of the audience asked questions and  looked at the case studies Sarah brought along to illustrate the work of Occupational Therapy in this area of practice.

Sarah was approached by Jacob Gray, a Young Ambassador for Meningitis Now, who told her how much the involvement of his Occupational Therapist had been valued in his rehabilitation following his battle to overcome the effects of meningococcal septicaemia in 2013.

Jacob’s story is truly inspirational and can be read here.

Sarah Butterworth Meningitis Now

 Sarah ready to give her presentation.