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We help people to engage in purposeful activities or occupations to promote, regain or maintain health and well-being, to help rebuild lost skills and restore lost confidence. They do this by a skilled assessment of the individual abilities and limitations and the environment they are operating in.

At SP Therapy Services all of our Occupational Therapists have received specialist, post-graduate training in assessment and treatment techniques for neurological conditions. Examples of neurological conditions include stroke, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s Disease and Brain injury. All our OTs are members of BAOT & are HCPC registered. Supporting an individual to retain their independence is central to the role of the Occupational Therapist. However, life is about more than the daily tasks we all have to do; it is about enjoying what we do and the people we are with.

Changing the way an individual achieves a task can preserve vital energies for the more important things in life not only for the individual but also for the caregiver.

Upper Limb Rehabilitation2019-12-17T12:04:05+00:00

Many individuals with a neurological condition experience difficulties with one or both of their upper limbs, including:

– Impaired Sensation
– Poor grip strength
– Weakness down one side of their body
– Co-ordination problems
– Tremor
– Pain
– Orthopaedic injuries such as fractures and tissue scarring

This can have a significant impact on their ability to engage in every-day tasks.

At SP Therapy Services our Occupational Therapists can provide a customised assessment and treatment programme to support a client’s upper limb rehabilitation, including hands-on therapy or through the provision of a home-based programme for the individual or caregiver to carry out.

Our Occupational Therapists can also provide specialist advice on positioning, handling and splinting.

Occupational Therapist Helen Brennan is a SAEBO prescriber. We have access to SAEBO stretch, SAEBO Flex and reach for use within treatment sessions.

Self-Care Skills2019-12-17T13:07:20+00:00

If life changes and you are unable to do a task the same way as you have done all your life, this can be frustrating and lead to dependence others.

Sometimes those who are caregivers are too willing to assist or are confined by time so the individual is not given the opportunity to do parts of a task in which they could be more independent.

At SP Therapy Services our Occupational Therapists are skilled in being able to assess and modify daily tasks and activities to promote an individual’s ability to become more engaged.

This can be achieved by

teaching specific techniques
providing assistive equipment
guiding family and care-givers in ways they can assist someone to be as independent as possible.

Seating & Postural Management2019-12-17T12:02:48+00:00

Posture is vital to our level of function and can greatly affect our ability to carry out day-to-day activities, whether in sitting in a wheelchair or at a computer desk; or in lying in a position for sleep or rest.

At SP Therapy Services our Occupational Therapists are skilled in providing:

– Comprehensive assessment and recommendation for wheelchairs, specialist seating (moulded chairs, powered wheelchairs) and static seating.

– Support for tissue viability through the recommendation and use of suitable cushions and mattresses.

– Advice and recommendations for additional postural support to aid comfort in a wheelchair or armchair.

– Advice and recommendation for lying supports and night-time positioning.

Adaptive Equipment2019-12-17T12:00:57+00:00

We start with a thorough and holistic assessment of an individual within their home. Occupational Therapists may advise and make simple recommendations like:

– Grabrails
– Ramps
– Raised toilet seats
– Chair-raisers

Or they will assist in major equipment and adaptations such as:

– Stairlifts
– Bath lifts
– Wet-room shower areas

They can tailor their input by:

– Providing initial advice and recommendations;
– Managing a specification;
– And, supporting the prescription, procurement; delivery, installation and use of equipment.

Adaptive Accommodation2019-12-17T12:01:35+00:00

At SP Therapy Services our Occupational Therapists can work with architects, quantity surveyors and builders to tailor the specification for wet-rooms, ramps, door widening and ground-floor extensions to the needs of the individual.

Our Occupational Therapists not only assess and support an individual in their home but also promote the opportunity to engage in your environment through support with accessible gardens and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.

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We offer Community Rehabilitation services throughout Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, West and South Yorkshire. Browse our locations here.

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Our aim is to provide a high-quality therapy service, giving an individual living with a neurological condition the control, flexibility and continuity for their individual therapeutic needs. Let us be your practice of choice.

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Why SP Therapy?

At SP Therapy Services our Occupational Therapists use a client-centred approach to set goals that are important to a person. Then by working out the barriers, finding solutions and practising skills in real-life situations, help and advice will be given to both the individual and those who support them to enable someone to regain functional independence in those activities that are important to them.

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