In the summer of 2015 Karen Middleton, Chief Executive of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy came to meet the Practice (see news item dated 25.08.15).

Whilst Karen was interested to hear about the Practice she was also keen to find out why members had chosen to move from the NHS to private practice and to gain feedback about member’s perceptions of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. During this discussion, Liz Cowan MCSP commented how few news stories or representation there was in the professional magazine ‘Frontline’ about or relating to private practice. Karen listened to Liz’s comments and her transition from the NHS and responded with a challenge ‘So why don’t you write it?’

Liz reflected on her challenge and then began to write. Liz’s article about her transition from NHS to the private sector was published in the 20.01.16 edition of Frontline. Liz’s brave, honest and from the heart article prompted a wave of comments and overall support for her views regarding ownership of her future as a Physiotherapist.

Liz’s comments about her experience of working alongside her NHS colleagues has prompted #physiotalk to invite Liz to co-host a tweetchat. The team are gearing up to support Liz as she co-hosts with Vicki Gilman on 23.03.16 about concurrent treatment of a patient by NHS and private therapist.