Susan Pattison is an active member of the North West Network for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).

During the recent Mayoral campaign for devolved Manchester Susan was integral to ensuring all candidates heard the voice of the Physiotherapy profession. The CSP extended an invite to all the Mayoral candidates to visit a Physiotherapy service.  Susan and the Practice were proud to represent the profession as they showed Sean Anstee around the Practice. Susan was able to explain the important role of physiotherapists in enabling people living with long term conditions to live long and live well, and thereby reduce the burden on our hospitals. Susan introduced him to members of the Bury & North Manchester MS Society with whom the Practice has had a successful alliance for more than 10 years.
The Practice contributed to the CSP document “Buzzing with ideas” which showcased examples from across the region about how Physiotherapy could influence and improve health care for the “greater good of Greater Manchester”.

The Practices contribution highlighted its work in Falls Prevention the focus of our Balance Champion Anna Ziemer. 

The involvement of the Practice in the Mayoral campaign was featured in the recent edition of Frontline, the magazine of the CSP.

Now Andy Burnham has been elected as Mayor Susan will continue to campaign to promote the fabulous work of her profession & fellow professionals across Greater Manchester. Follow on twitter @PhysioforGM.