Speakeasy Conference

Anna, Physiotherapist and Balance Champion was delighted to receive an invitation from Speakeasy, a specialist Aphasia Support group to speak at their Annual Conference. Anna utilised her skills to present in an aphasia friendly way, information about balance, the risk and cost of falls and strategies to reduce the risks of falls in the home.She encouraged people with communication difficulties to engage in community activities and supported Speakeasy’s most recent project to develop six aphasia friendly walks around Bury.

During her talk Anna invited participants to test how at risk of a falls they were by completing a simple test as well as demonstrating with a willing volunteer how to get up off the floor should you fall.

At the conference Speakeasy demonstrated the many projects they are engaged in including an aphasic choir. Speakeasy were presented with an award for their innovative practice and their impact on the community.The Robin Tavistock Award was presented by Baroness Tavistock.