Susan Pattison Therapy Services are pleased and proud to announce that they have become a member of the Safe Places Scheme in Bury. The scheme has been set up to enable vulnerable people to access help whenever they need it. Vulnerable people may include those with dementia, learning disabilities, physical disabilities or older people. The Safe Places Scheme works with local businesses who feel they are able to provide a safe haven should anyone become lost or feel scared, confused or alone. Here at Susan Pattison Therapy Services our committed and caring staff feel that they are able to offer somewhere for vulnerable people to have a seat and calm down whilst we contact family or a carer for help.

Members of the scheme apply for a card with important details on including name and details of 3 contacts who can be called if needed. We will display a sticker in the window which advertises our participation in the scheme and alerts card holders that they are welcome to come in for support.

Franki Collinson (Occupational Therapist) will act as our link person to the scheme as part of  her role as Cognitive Champion  for the Susan Pattison team in which she raises awareness of the needs of people with cognitive difficulties.

We are looking forward to being involved in this exciting scheme and offering support and understanding to vulnerable people in our local community.