Chris Bates, one of SP Therapy Services Physiotherapists based in Bury,  has been using the Alter-G Treadmill with one his patients.

The Alter-G Treadmill was created by Sean Whalen and his father, with the original prototype being developed in their family garage. They used technology developed by NASA to create a treadmill that unweights a user through “differential air pressure”. It is used by many professional sports teams around the world, across a range of sports such as American Football, Rugby and Football.

The Alter-G Treadmill can provide numerous benefits from both a rehabilitation and exercise perspective: a cardio-vascular workout, weight loss from burning calories, exercise whilst managing pain levels by reducing body weight of individual using treadmill and a graded and accurate management of the amount of weight bearing a patient is able to perform whilst using the treadmill.

There are many Alter-G Treadmills available in locations across the North West of England and Yorkshire, including Bolton, Whalley Range, West Didsbury and Stockport, Huddersfield, Leeds and Sheffield. The following website link allows you to view availability nationally and internationally:,%20UK

Chris has utilised the Alter-G Treadmill with one of his patients Michael, who experiences hip pain and subsequently walks at approximately half of his normal walking speed and can only walk for around 30 minutes due to his pain levels. In the space of 5 sessions, Michael has increased the distance he is able to run as well as the calories burned by 50%, and is currently aiming to run 10 kilometres in 50 minutes. Michael says “ the treadmill is a great bit of kit and has taken me from a couch potato to 10 kilometres!”.


If you think this is something that may be of interest to yourself or somebody you know, please do not hesitate to contact SP Therapy Services on 0161 7643799.

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