Bilal Excels with Occupational Therapy

Bilal, a young man with complex needs, has received Occupational Therapy from SP Therapy Services for a while now. Karen Vercoe, Occupational Therapist for Children and Young People, has been working with him, using her skills to the full!

Bilal requires support for all aspects of his daily life. He has recently moved into a fully adapted property and has left school. He now has opportunity to become much more proactive in his daily routine and for him to be more involved in activities throughout the day. He can choose to move around his home in a powered wheelchair. He can choose to sit in a comfy armchair to watch TV rather than returning to bed when he is tired from sitting in his wheelchair all day. He is keen to use the toilet rather than use pads. He can take part in cooking his own food and whilst he will always need the full support of someone else, he can be involved in decision making.

Karen’s involvement in the process has been multi-faceted: working with the architect from the planning stage to the completion of the accommodation, ensuring the equipment Bilal uses fully meets his needs, that the support workers are not only able to meet his basis needs in personal care but can promote his participation in activities throughout the day, that the support workers are safe during the tasks they are involved in that Bilal is able to make decisions and choices, that his physical health is optimum through considering of postural management and that other equipment such as him communication aid can fully accessed.

The most marked change throughout this process has been Bilal’s mood. He experiences fewer episodes of low mood, refusal to take part in activities, outbursts of temper and complete withdrawal. This is brilliant example of how Occupational Therapy can work!