Luke has been enjoying the summer holidays and has been having great fun experiencing carriage driving. His Physiotherapist, Sue Altham, knew that Luke liked animals and she thought he would love the opportunity to experience the freedom of movement that equestrian sports driving offered.

Luke visited Ainscough Equestrian Services, in Wigan, a company who  work with the The Sports Driving Unlimited Charity helping children, young people and adults who are disadvantaged, have a disability, mental/behavioral disorder or terminal illness to enjoy the therapeutic benefits, fun and excitement of equestrian sports driving.

Luke held the reins, made choices about the toy he wanted for the games played in the field, whilst driving around cones and in the indoor arena. His Physiotherapist Sue Altham, herself a keen horsewoman, said that Luke ‘laughed throughout the whole of the activity, he loved it, as I did!’

The photograph below shows Luke getting ready for fun in the indoor arena!