In creating a new website we were keen to feature as many of our team and patients as possible. We needed some core images to represent the Practice and Jenny agreed to be our super model. Jenny now appears with Susan Pattison on the blue header banner, the home page and the about us page of the web site as well as on our roller banner.

Jenny’s first goal when she started her physiotherapy at the Practice was to gain the ability to hold her head up. Jenny had no muscular control around her neck and her head constantly fell forwards causing problems with eating, drinking, drooling and communication. The only way she could feed was if someone held her head up for her, even then her swallowing was difficult and she suffered persistent mouth ulcers.

From the photo of Jenny coming face to face with her image on the roller banner (left) you can see this is no longer a problem. Jenny constantly strives to improve and is currently working with her physiotherapist Anna Ziemer to stand and ultimately walk independently, and with her occupational therapist Karen Vercoe to feed herself independently.

Jenny is a hugely determined young woman who is supported by her mum and support workers in and between her treatment sessions. Jenny is a constant inspiration to the team at the Practice and made the perfect super model!