Social Aspects of Group Hydrotherapy

The group in the picture have been together since the first Continuation Programme in 2013 and are the group with the most consistent and longest attendance;they have all made friends and support each other each week to complete their exercises. A new group to the programme this year also found meeting people in similar situations incredibly helpful, so much so, despite not being attending the Programme,they meet once a month for lunch and to support each other through their exercise, rehab and daily life whilst living with a neurological condition.In addition to being in the pool for hydrotherapy once a week, many also take advantage of Bolton Neuro Voices gym sessions, to do more exercise- and a gossip!



During the programme we also encourage those participants with carers to get in the pool so they can learn how to support the individual within the water.During the last Hydrotherapy Programme we had husbands and wives going with their loved ones into the water to learn to support, help and encourage within the exercise programme.

Every year in our feedback, the social contacts outcome always shows improvement; the latest Physiotherapist lead programme showed 85% of participants felt an improvement in their wellbeing, and 77% of participants felt an increase in social interaction. Increased motivation, more fun and support from each other are just a few of the beneficial effects of group exercise, and at Bolton Neuro Voices, participants embrace this. Click here to go visit the criteria page to see which course is right for you.

Physio Works- Live Long! Live Well!

This year the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy is committed to the Physio Works campaign,of  which Julie Farrar is a great example!

Julie Farrar, pictured here, was awarded  special congratulations by Bolton Neuro Voices this year at their AGM after completing every programme with 100% attendance. Julie suffers with MS and uses the support of the brilliant volunteers to be pushed in an onsite wheelchair, part way to the pool. Julie is already signed up for the September 2015 Continuation program.



Julie with her certificate!