How SP Therapy Services supports the next generation of Physiotherapists!

Written by Anna Ziemer

Clinic based Physiotherapist and Clinical Champion for Balance

Being a Physiotherapist is not only about contributing to wellbeing of our patients or benefiting our team but also support our profession.

At SP Therapy Services we have great opportunity to support Physiotherapy Students from Manchester Metropolitan University. We do so through Practice based Placement but also through going out and teaching in the expert clinician role along MMU Lecturers.

During the last academic year Anna and Sue with Team’s help looked after two very talented Physios-to-be: Anya and Jonathan. In addition, Anna went back to University, but not to study all day and party all night, but to share her skills and knowledge and teach along MMU Lecturer Phil Smith during the MSc Neurology and Normal Movement module.  Their workshops complemented the class-based and self-directed studies with 100% practical sessions about normal and abnormal movement facilitation and handling neurological patients.

The students who approached us in the past about the practice—based placements mainly aimed to improve their handling skills, expand movement analysis skills, clinical reasoning and build a bank of the treatment ideas for the most common pathologies like stroke or Multiple Sclerosis.

As the Practice SP Therapy Services team has got approximately 200 years of experience and knowledge and is perfectly placed to offer stimulating and friendly learning environment. Our aim for those placmenets is to bring out clinical ciuriosity in the visisting students, improve their observational skills and allow to handle the most complex patients. But also to show them how interesting Physiotherapy can be and how invaluable its role is in changing people’s quality of life.

The successful placement requires special patients who are happy to facilitate students’ skills development. At SPTS we are very privileged to have fantastic patients who are understanding, supportive and happy to spend extra time with the students outside usual appointment being poked and prodded and telling their stories.

Jonathan and Anya visited the Practice during their elective placement, which wraps the course and often is in special interest.

Jonathan “won” the elective placement prize during his pre-registration Master Course and having his previous degree in movement science he complemented his neuro physiotherapy knowledge with strong biomechanical knowledge, training and conditioning experience. He was put on the frontline of November 2017 Bolton Neuro Voices Course, Falls Prevention Course and helped to develop self-management skills of our young patients to support their goals out of physiotherapy sessions.

Anya visited us at the end of her 3-year journey to add to her education the completeness of complex cases neurorehabilitation with the view to prepare to her rotational post of Junior Physiotherapist she is about to start in September 2018 in our local Pennine Acute Trust.

Both, Anya and Jonathan expressed that the placement was very demanding due to the versatility and complexity of cases as well as tasks and activities, but also rewarding. What they enjoyed the most was the positive approach to rehabilitation, the culture of openness and skills sharing and the most importantly variety of learning experiences. Our students assisted us to run hydrotherapy group exercises, falls prevention classes, designed community-based activities programmes, worked with patient with altered tone, vestibular issues, attended MS Cafe and Millercare Opened Day. They both has an opportunity to work with wide multidisciplinary team, practise assessment and clinical reasoning skills, handle patients with various needs and could experience all opportunities and challenges our SP Therapy Services team members face on day-to-day basis whilst in community and in clinic. Both Anya and Jonathan enjoyed the placement so much they spend with SPTS more time than required.

No longer the students, but qualified Physiotherapists Anya and Jonathan contunue they journey along the Physiotherapy path as rotational physiotherapist. Hopefully, both of them enriched in neuro knowledge and awoken clinical curiousity.

Anna and Sue are getting ready for new academic year and to welcome more Physios-to-be whilst hoping whne they have a stroke they will meet the new generation of Neuro Physiotherapists sharing the SPST culture of patient centered and clinically reasoned meaningful rehabilitation with a bit of fun ??