On August 1 2014, Natasha moved into her own home. An exciting and significant time for any young adult but when the move involves finding a home that allows access to all areas from a wheelchair and the selection of a skilled support team, this move has been the culmination of a  huge team effort!

Natasha’s new home is a bungalow that allows her to be as independent as possible with the combination of specialist equipment and technology; including curtains that open and close with a remote control! The decoration,an important thing to get right for any young lady, reflects Natasha’s love of pink and purple and her vibrant personality.

The support team have been carefully chosen by Nat, her mum Paula and her Case Manager Fiona Howson to ensure Natasha is surrounded by individuals who share the goal of her being as independent as possible in her own home and in the community.

Below is a picture of Natasha skillfully driving her powered wheelchair for the first time in over a year as there is the space in her new home to get around.

Well Done Natasha!

Natasha’s Physiotherapist is Anna Ziemer and her Occupational Therapists are Heather Preston and Sarah Acres.